The pontoon boat is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy some time on the lake. There are many reasons people love going out on a pontoon boat, and it’s not just because they want to have fun with their family and friends. In this post, we’ll discuss what makes the pontoon boat so unique and all the great reasons why a pontoon boat is the perfect boat to try on your next vacation.

Pontoon boats are perfect for families with kids:

If you have kids, then the pontoon boat is an option you will want to consider. The boats we offer can accommodate large families of all ages and have a few key features that set them apart from other types of boats. Some of the features that make a pontoon boat perfect for families with kids include:

Lots of space

A pontoon boat is spacious, which means there will be enough room for the whole group to comfortably enjoy the lake. You won’t be stuck in your seat the whole time or bumping into each other as you move around.

Plenty of seating

Your kids will want a seat at the table for meals and snacks, but everyone will appreciate having somewhere comfortable to sit when you are out on your pontoon boat.  If you have younger kiddos, you know that after a few hours on the water they will need a break.  The bench seating on our pontoon boats are great for stretching out and taking a much needed nap.  Plus the awning keeps the sun at bay.  Which leads into the next advantage…

Taking a nap on a pontoon boat

Plenty of shade

Kids love playing in the water, but they can’t stay outside long without getting burned if it is too hot. Having lots of shade to sit under will make sure that everyone can enjoy the fun and stay cool at the same time.

Easy to feed everyone

Imagine a typical meal with young kids. Imagine doing that in a fishing boat or ski boat.  Now think of a spacious boat with bench seating, a table, shade, and plenty of space for coolers.

Versatility of Pontoon Boats:

Pontoon boats are an excellent way for people to get out on the water and have some fun, whether fishing, having a party, or taking a family vacation. There are many different reasons why someone would want to go boating, and that’s where the pontoon boat comes into play – offering something for everyone! Some of the activities that people like to do on a pontoon boat include:

Swimming in the LakeSwimming

What is a day on the lake on a hot Minnesota summer afternoon without swimming? Most boats are difficult to get back in once you’ve shown off your cannonball. The low deck of a pontoon makes this boat perfect for getting back in for any age swimmer.


Pontoon boats are great for anglers. They can be equipped with everything you need to catch the biggest fish around, including live wells and fishing rod holders.  With swiveling bucket seats and plenty of room to walk around, you can comfortably fish however you like.


Pontoon boats are great for cruising around your favorite lake or river while enjoying the sun and scenery that surrounds you. In our part of Minnesota there are plenty of lakes to choose from and thousands of acres of water to explore.  The pontoon boat allows you to cruise in comfort and discover more great places year after year.

Party time

If someone wants to throw a fabulous party on the water, then a pontoon boat will be their vessel of choice. They have the space to throw a dance party if you wanted! Or just stretch out and chill with your closest friends!


You might not think of a pontoon boat for skiing or tubing but they do have the power to pull a tube or two loaded up with your kiddos.  And again, the space a pontoon boat gives you allows everyone in the family to move around comfortably.



If someone is looking to relax on the water, then a pontoon boat would be their vessel of choice. They are equipped with plenty of places for everyone to lay back and enjoy themselves whether they want to read or sleep!

Canoeing, Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

Because there is so much water to explore here in Minnesota, it’s nice to have more than one craft to use.  When you bring along smaller boats or paddle boards, the pontoon boat becomes the mothership!  Several people to go on mini excursions, exploring inlets and canals that would otherwise be unreachable from the shore. Add a paddle board for a fun multiplier.


We’ve talked about the space a pontoon gives you which makes it the most comfortable boating option out there.  The stability a pontoon offers is second only to large yachts. Large pontoons have been used to add stability to boats for centuries. Modern pontoon boats take full advantage of this ancient technology.


Easy to handle – All that space equals a large boat which does make driving a bit more intimidating if you haven’t spent much time on the water but our pontoons are a breeze to drive. Plus, we will show you all of the features and help you feel at home behind the wheel.

Pontoon boats are extremely safe due to their stability in water and low profile compared to other vessels of the same size. They are more likely to stay upright if turned sideways by strong winds or currents. They also have high sides, which help protect people from falling overboard.

Their low draft allows the boat to move through shallow waters, opening up much more water to exploration. Pontoon boats are much more stable than other boats because they rely on the buoyancy of air rather than the displacement of their hull. The safety features of the pontoon boat make it ideal for family outings where children are involved.


The storage capacity on a pontoon boat is immense. Depending on preference, you can store cooler items and other storage boxes in either the hull compartments or deck compartments. The boat’s decking provides a considerable amount of flexibility for those who like to keep their items close at hand. Storage compartments are also available under the seating.

The cockpit floor comes with built-in storage compartments. These are perfect for keeping all your small items organized and out of sight until you need them. If the storage on a pontoon boat is not enough for you, the side decks are a great place to store more items…like paddle boards.


Pontoon boats are great for vacationers, children, and anyone who wants to escape the stresses of daily life in a boat. If you have larger group, the space on a pontoon can’t be beat.  They make all kinds activities on the water possible. We think you should seriously consider a pontoon boat for your next vacation in Park Rapids.